Luis Higuera
Last updated:2015-05-06
Nationality:French Position:English Teacher

Education background:

Environmental Biology Degree 2nd year (not yet achieved)

BTSInternational Trade (Bac + 2) English - Spanish option (Glières,2009)

BaccalauréatTechniques of Laboratory Sciences (Enilv,2005)

"It would be difficult to tell in a short paragraph how great this year in China has been. From the beginning of this adventure it felt comfortable to deal with the people working for the Great China Project. They’ve always been so friendly and helpful with all the questions and doubts that come along when moving in a new country with such a different culture. I think it is important to deal with people you can trust when you are so far from home and this is why I want to renew this experience with them. Teaching in china has been amazing. The people, the kids, traveling around during the holidays, the delicious food…so many things that make me want to discover more this beautiful country and all the countries around!"

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