Harrison Huy-Vu Pham
Last updated:2015-05-06
Nationality:American Position:English Teacher

Education background:

Arizona State University Tempe,AZ Political Science Major Dates attended: August 2007-Present Expected Graduation:December 2012

Xinjiang is a great experience thus far.  It offers a quieter setting than the bustling urban atmosphere of Chengdu - but offers just as much culture!  Every part of China is known for it's different types of dishes that they offer - Xinjiang is well known for their dish Da Pan Ji - Big Chicken Plate.  I can't describe in words how amazing just that one dish is.  There are so many other dishes to experience too!

Teaching the kids in Shihezi gives you the opportunity to be creative on a day-to-day basis.  Imparting any knowledge on American culture or your life - even if you think it's a menial aspect of your life - the students embrace it and welcome it with excitement.  I'd encourage bringing a photo album of your life - the kids seem to enjoy any pictures of you and what your life looked like in America!
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