2013 New Year's Party
Last updated:2015-05-12
On December 26th, GreatChina hosted a new year’s celebration to welcome the new year.

On December 26th, 2013, GreatChina hosted a new year’s party to welcome 2014 and invited students’ parents from GreatChina and foreign teachers.

The party was held at GreatChina’s headquarters in Chengdu and started with a lovely buffet. Parents carefully prepared all of the delicious foodwhich includedtraditional Sichuan dishes, such as chicken feet, duck, rabbit, Chinese buns, fungus, bean curd, beef, bread and home-made pickles. Dessert and fruit were served as well, including snow fungus soup, longan fruit, and tangerines. Everyone loved the food, especially the foreign teacherswho appreciated home-cooked Sichuan food.

After dinner, the New Year festivities continued. First, as the head of the parents’ English class, Mr. James gave a warm welcome to the new class members and wished everyone a prosperous and happy new year. In order to express the parents’ gratitude to the teachers, one parent presented Chinese calligraphy with the phrase “培桂育兰”to GreatChina International. “培桂育兰” literally translates to “cultivating orchids and sweet osmanthus”. Both flowers represent great talent according to traditional Chinese culture. With those four characters, parents wanted to thank the teachers for their dedication and efforts to teach English.

To make the party more enjoyable and memorable, parents, foreign teachers and GreatChina staff members prepared performances. The performances included Chinese folk dancing, singing, and musical instruments performances on the accordion, piano and flute.People also played games, with parents and foreign teachers participating andwinning prizes. The party ended with everyone dancing to the famous Scottish songAuld Lyne Sang. The whole party was filled with laughter and lots of good memories. GreatChina wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year and looks forward to hosting the next New Year’s party.


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