Benjamin Riegel
Last updated:2015-05-06
Nationality:American Position:AP Teacher

Education background:      

Santa  Clara University, Santa Clara, CA    
School of  Engineering, M.S. in Applied Mathematics    
Coursework:  numerical analysis, discrete and continuous probability, mathematical  statistics, linear regression, partial differential equations.    
San Jose  State University, San Jose, CA    
Geometry of  Projective Spaces    
Arizona  State University, Tempe, AZ    
College of  Liberal Arts and Sciences, B.S. in Economics    

Never, even in my own country, have I felt so welcome. Great China's staff is both efficient and personable. They went above and beyond to help me get settled and to insure that my stay was enjoyable. I can only hope that, by comparison, life in the States will not feel bland afterwards.
Spring Festival. A hundred thousand lanterns burned overhead, tiny spots of light piercing the pitch blanket of the sky. Scores of floating candles littered the river. The electricity, the fire in the air was palpable. Explosions drowned even our most concerted efforts to communicate vocally. Genuine, untainted, childlike joy shone in both her eyes and mine as we sent our lanterns to join the fray above. I can think of no better way to usher in a new year.
Even the unwelcome cries of the alarm clock at 6AM could not dampen our spirits. With our heaviest clothing packed safely behind the back seat, we piled eagerly into the car as the sunlight nipped at our heels. A few hours of driving landed us in the snow. We geared up – that is, shed our coats in the heat and tripped over one another in attempts to properly attach skies and boards – and drew mixed looks of curiosity and confusion. The snow fled in white wakes before us. Hot springs welcomed us, legs unstable and hearts warm, as the day wound to a close.
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