James A. Midkiff
Last updated:2015-08-06
Nationality: American Graduate from: Washington University in St. Louis Position: Academic Advisor

Education Background:

Graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of the Arts. Class of 2012

Major: History and Finance

Major GPA: 3.45

I went to University innocent and immature, having lived a great life sheltered in my community in Houston. At University I met people from a dozen different countries and from all around the US who were from all different socio-economic backgrounds. Everybody was passionate about different areas of study. My world opened up and my interests completely changed and I became a more knowledgeable, balanced, and confident individual.

I am very interested in China and the unique relationship between the United States and China. I hope to one day be working to make the relationship more open and beneficial to both sides. Our cultures are drastically different but we are fundamentally similar people with many shared values.

I have lived in Shanghai and Shenzhen and now I am enjoying all of the spicy food while working for Great China in Chengdu. Sichuan cuisine is one of my favorite types of Chinese food. While living here I enjoy going out to eat, playing sports, watching movies, playing Weiqi, and going to bars.

As an Academic Advisor at Great China I enjoy helping students write unique essays based off their individual experiences, prepare for interviews, and choose extra-curricular activities where they will have fun, learn new things, and improve their English. I am excited to help students go to a University where they will have an amazing experience like I did.

Working at Great China is a great opportunity to work with many talented Chinese students, incredibly nice staff, and live in a city full of authentic Chinese culture with wonderful food.

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