December Cultural Activity-Sichuan Opera!
Last updated:2015-08-06
On 27th December, GreatChina arranged a Hotpot buffet and Sichuan Opera as our culture activity for our foreign teachers.

On the 27th of December, GreatChina arranged a hot pot buffet and Sichuan Opera as our culture activities for our foreign teachers.

During the dinner, foreign teachers gathered together and shared their school lives and their new year holiday plans, and their feelings about living in Chengdu. They all expressed their preference for Sichuan food in China, especially the spicy hot pot.

After a lovely dinner, we walked to Jinjiang theater to watch the well-known Sichuan Opera show. The fancy stage lighting and professional performers made the show very interesting for the audience. Our foreign teachers were appreciative to us for organizing the culture activities and they truly had a lot of fun.


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