Christmas Eve in China
Last updated:2015-05-12
Our foreign teachers, students of the Elite Program, and staff of GreatChina International had a wonderful party to celebrate Christmas at the Eastern Music Park of Chengdu.

Our foreign teachers, students of the Elite Program, and staff of GreatChina International had a wonderful party to celebrate Christmas at Hu Xiao Music Coffee Hall in the Eastern Music Park of Chengdu.

Upon arrival, the foreign teachers and Elite Program students mingled together discussing what life abroad was like. The teachers shared their beautiful memories of their lives, work, families, and friends in their hometowns. The teachers offered students advice about how to study, work and live in a foreign country so the students could make some preparation before going abroad.

Before dinner, foreign teachers shared their experiences of Christmas to the whole group.  A foreign teacher, Amanda, carefully retold the “Christmas Story” which was an important part of Christmas for her family.  While other foreign teachers, from America and Europe, shared their experiences of spending time with their families, watching television, having dinner and other traditions during one of the most special days of the year.

After sharing personal Christmas experiences, there was a delicious Western-style dinner with many favorites. There were many meat dishes such as turkey, chicken wings, sausages, roast beef, and steak with side dishes of dumplings, pasta, vegetables, sandwiches, and French fries . The teachers were able to enjoy many of their favorite foods that they do not often have in China, while the Elite Program students had a chance to experience more traditional Western food.

After dinner, there was a pub quiz. The party was divided into three groups of teachers and students. They were to answer a variety of questions about the USA, Chengdu, and China.  The group with teachers Molly and Amanda won first place and received a prize valued at 150 RMB: leather passport holders and currency convertors, which are both useful when traveling.

One of the most  iconic traditions of Christmas includes decorating the family Christmas tree. At the end of the evening, all of teachers, students and GreatChina staff decorated Christmas trees and exchanged gifts.  The trees were decorated with  Christmas lights, ornaments, and snowflakes, making the trees shiny and beautiful.  Rochelle, one of our teachers, and Liu Jie Chen exchanged their Christmas gifts, they both brought chocolate. The most popular gift in our exchange was candy and chocolate but there were other gifts like a coffee pot, wool scarf, and CDs .

GreatChina International is looking forward to celebrating this special and important night with all the dear partners and friends next year!

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