Welcome dinner at Heshi barbecue
Last updated:2015-05-07

On 20th March, we gathered our new group of True China teachers together with current GreatChina foreign teachers and Elite Program consultant to have enjoyed a wonderful welcome dinner. We got together at “Heshi barbecue” which is one of the most popular restaurants in Chengdu that’s specially famous for Sichuan local spicy food. During the dinner, our new TrueChina teachers had their first taste of Sichuan snacks as well. They exchanged their teaching skills and experience with dealing with Chinese students which is very helpful for our new TrueChina teachers to adapt to the culture here and learn more about teaching a foreign language. Our dinner was full of chatter and laughter with their unique sense of humor coming from different culture backgrounds. Our new teachers claimed that so far they enjoyed their culture exchange experience here and grew to feel comfortable living in Chengdu.

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