AdamD. Afshar
Last updated:2015-05-06
Nationality:American Position:English Teacher

Education background:

Arizona State University     Technological Entrepreneurship and Management BS

Diablo Valley College   Music Industry Studies - Certificate SPKAcademy  GandaBandan Shagird

I had an absolutely wonderful time throughout my contract with Great China and would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat. And I know many of the other teachers from my group feel the same way.  Flora and Lan Tian were an enormous help through the whole process and I really appreciate all that the two of them as well as Michael and the whole of Great China were able to do for us.

Each of the teachers has a quite unique experience during their time in China and all of that depends solely on the individual. I, for instance, took very quickly to the Chinese people and way of life, was very open to learning and trying new things and was greatly rewarded in turn by having my Chinese friends and coworkers constantly showing me around, inviting me out for dinners or trips and allowing me a deeper look into Chinese society.
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