Last Updated:Monday Jun.27 2016
A huge advantage to earning your TEFL in China certificate is that it significantly increases the chance of you getting a work visa in China :
TEFL in China certificate = two years of full-time teaching experience
Last Updated:Tuesday Jan.05 2016
On Dec 22nd, A foreign teacher named Lawrence from True China program which represents Shishi middle school, where he is currently a English teacher, participated in the final round of the Teaching Methods Competition in Chenghua district, Chengdu.
Last Updated:Thursday Dec.10 2015
On Nov 11th 2015, our New York office manage Kate and her assistant Yujia traveled to Philadelphia to attend the international opportunities job fair.
Last Updated:Friday Nov.13 2015
September 25th, 2015, New York office manager Katherine and assistant Yujia represent GreatChina participate in Columbia Job Fair.
Last Updated:Thursday Aug.06 2015
On 27th December, GreatChina arranged a Hotpot buffet and Sichuan Opera as our culture activity for our foreign teachers.
Last Updated:Thursday May.07 2015
Last Updated:Thursday Aug.06 2015
On 20th December 2014,students from the Elite Program gathered to enjoy a Christmas dinner with our foreign teachers.
Last Updated:Thursday Aug.06 2015
On December 19th, 2014, the Dreams & Teams program held a gala as a social event for foreign teachers in the Chenghua district.
Last Updated:Thursday Aug.06 2015
2014 30th Oct, True China invited our teachers to have an exciting trip to the panda base.
Last Updated:Tuesday May.12 2015
On 2014 19th June, GreatChina staff hosted a farewell dinner for the TrueChina teachers who were reaching the end of their terms in China at Haidilao Hotpot.
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