English and AP Teacher

Introduction to Teach in China

We are hiring full-time teachers in the areas of English, American History, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Economics and other traditional academic subjects for our training school and international program.


English Teachers: Teachers who have experience in teaching oral/conversational English. A recommendation letter and references will be required upon submission of application. The location placement is in Chengdu or other cities in Sichuan province.

Subject Teachers: Teachers who can teach calculus, economics, statistics, and science and liberal arts subjects. A recommendation letter and references will be required upon submission of application.The placement will be in our downtown training school or for our international program.

We have IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for teachers who can teach math, calculus, economics, and statistics.

Minimum Requirements:

Possess a bachelor’s degree or above.

Preferred with work experience in the fields applied for.

Work with strong ethics, excellent planning and ability to prioritize and meet deadline with an open and friendly personality.

Have strong passion for and commitment to the educational industry.


The teacher’s main responsibility is to teach certain subjects based on the teacher's background. The teaching levels include basic knowledge, academic improvement and AP courses. The teacher must have detailed content of teaching and teaching plans ready before class, grade students’ homework and assess students’ work and exams. The content of teaching and teaching plans must be in enough details so that someone else could teach the class if necessary.

The teacher shall conduct supervision of students during their evening self-study.

The teacher shall attend group meetings and staff meetings weekly, and also conduct peer-observations.

The teacher shall design examination papers for students and prepare the answers.

The teacher  shall deliver presentations or lectures sharing insights on American culture, college application, and other topics when necessary.

The teacher  is expected to help mutual cooperation and communication with U.S. colleges and international education institutions, which will be a small portion of The teacher’s duties.

The teacher shall participate in Wanda and GreatChina’s marketing activities and events to fully support student recruitment, such as conducting interviews with students, consulting with students about study abroad options.

Any other reasonable duties as agreed upon by the teacher and his or her supervisors through the course of the Agreement.


On top of monthly salary, we also provide following benefits for foreign teachers:

Housing allowance & apartment searching assistance: we offer housing allowance every month and provide assistance in terms of finding an suitable apartment in Chengdu.

Health and accidental insurance: we will buy our foreign teachers with health and accidental insurance and help them navigate the Chinese medical system in case our teachers having health problems while working and living in China.

Airfare allowance & Contract completion bonus

Visa assistance and free visa extension services:we will be responsible for securing all of the relevant visas and permits for the teachers. We also reimburse the expenses with the receipt including visa application fee, health check and residence permit.

Vacation and sick days: foreign teachers will receive paid vacation for all official Chinese government holidays, as published by the government. We also allows paid sick leaves for foreign teachers upon receive of doctor’s certificate.

Cultural exchange activities and Chinese language lessons: we provide foreign teachers with two hours of free Chinese language lessons every week.we host cultural exchange activities every other month to enrich our foreign interns’ experience in living in Chengdu., for example visiting the Panda Base, face-changing show, Sichuan opera as so on. Please refer to our news.

Airport pick-up service: we pickup each of foreign teachers from the airport and orientate them to settle down in their apartment in Chengdu.

Cultural activities:

Welcome party


Sichuan Opera

Panda Base visiting

Jinsha Museum Trip

Teacher‘s Day celebration

Christmas Party

Happy new year party

Farewell Party