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Introduction of the Elite Program

The desire for Chinese students to study in the US is increasing every year. Unfortunately, US universities acceptance rates are decreasing making it even more difficult for very high achieving students to receive acceptance letters. High schools and middle schools are very different than in the US. For example, there are no Academic Advisors, Career Counselors or a College Mentor that they could go to see to seek advice for college preparation. Therefore, GreatChina International Education has initiated the Elite Program which aims to assist Chinese students in applying for top universities in the US through a series of professional consulting services.



We believe every student should have an equal access to get the best education possible, anywhere in the world.



To guide students to start early, plan early, explore early, develop their interpersonal skills early for their journey to study in the US. 

To guide students to ethically and professionally prepare for college.



The services provided by GC staff include, but are not limited to creating a customized education goal plan, analyzing the students strengths and weaknesses, editing monthly essays, facilitating workshops to enhance students knowledge of the US university requirements and expectations, conducting practice interviews and guiding students to volunteer and participate in extracurricular activities that will enhance their interpersonal skills. 



Preparing High School Students

9th graders to 12 graders

This is many of the students first time that they have thought about studying in the US and are eager to learn what they need to do to prepare for college as a high school student. As the student is discovering themselves and their interests, they are curious to learn about majors offered in the US. The Academic Advisors encourage the students to explore their interests by volunteering in the community, participating in extracurricular activities, playing sports or instruments and taking on leadership roles. By exposing the students to more activities outside the classroom, the student can better assess their interests, strengths and weaknesses. The Academic Advisor holds workshops that range from how to write a successful essay to college majors and universities. The Academic Advisors meet with students one on one monthly and provide the student with customized guidance.

During this time, the students are under a lot of pressure to decide on a major, select universities, write their essays and prepare for their interviews. The Academic Advisor meets with the student as needed to discuss their desired major, select universities (3 dream, 3 match and 3 safety), give them feedback on their essays and help prepare them for their interview.

We are seeking energetic, creative and dedicated professionals that are passionate about education to join our team. These positions are ideal for individuals that are passionate about international education and have the desire to work and live abroad. A Bachelor's degree for all positions in a related field is required. All candidates for Academic Advisor positions must have graduated from a top 40 US university so they can share their experience with students that are eager to have similar experiences.

We have received excellent feedback from our staff from the US and our Chinese students. Now we are actively recruiting more applicants for the next term in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou & Chongqing!

Job Responsibilities for Academic Advisors:

  • Counsel applicants to American universities and colleges on application tactics and targets based on an in-depth qualification assessment.

  • Hold workshops regarding writing skills, American culture, American colleges and college majors and related topics.

  • Provide guidance and revisions to improve all application essays and to develop application materials such as the list of extracurricular activities to promote students’ background and personal development.

  • Conduct mock interviews for Chinese high school applicants and provide assessment feedback to help improve their interview performance.

  • Assist in regular staff trainings on admissions to top American universities and colleges.

  • Participate in various marketing activities and events, such as public lectures, educational fairs and conferences. 

Job Requirements for Academic Advisors:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably in education, social work, English literature, history, political science, psychology, philosophy, sociology, business or any related field.

  • Graduated from top tier university or college, preferably the Ivies.

  • Work with strong ethics, excellent planning and organization skills and ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.

  • Have a strong passion for and commitment to international education.

  • Perform other related responsibilities as requested.



We offer a competitive salary, provide an accommodation stipend, flight reimbursement, work visa, health insurance, contract completion bonus, free Chinese lessons, personal assistant, monthly cultural activities with staff and free airport pick-up service.

Our Advisors:

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Katherine Anderson

Columbia University

Christian Mgbonyebi

Dartmouth College

Alex Gillon

Yale university

James Midkiff

Washington University in St. Louis


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