Sichuan Medical University
Located in:Chengdu


Sichuan Meidical University (once called Luzhou Medical College) was founded in 1951 and is a government university recognized byboth the Chinese government and the World Health Organization. It wasauthorized by the Degree Committee of the State Council to confer Master’s Degrees in 1993. In 2006, it got “Excellent” in the Undergraduate Teaching Proficiency Evaluation from Ministry of Education.

It is one of the “Top 5 Model Universities in Electronic Education” in Sichuan province. For more than 60 years, the college has trained 110,000 students, and has evolved into a large-scale college of teaching, medical care and scientific research. It is characterized for combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine in various ways and at different levels.



SCMU is situatedin the city of Luzhou, which is a National Famous Historical and Cultural City,a National Clean City and a National Forest City. The city is bordered withYunan and Guizhou Provinces, and Chongqing Municipality. Its campus is dividedinto two parts --Zhongshan campus and Chengbei campus, covering 2011 Mu intotal. The old campus-- Zhongshan Campus -- is located on Mt. Zhongshan and issurrounded by the Yangtze River and the Tuo River, with a lot of green camphortrees, birds and flowers. The new campus—Chengbei Campus--is newly constructedwith modern facilities.



At present thereare more than 15,000students studying in SCMU, including 291 internationalstudents, 1,309postgraduate students, 14,420 graduate students and also someshort-term international students. The international students come from northAmerica, south Asian countries , Africa countries, and the Chinese studentscome from 31provinces.



SCMU has 16departments. It has 25 majors, among which there are 3 national special majors,6 provincial special majors and 23 provincial key courses. It has 3 keyinstitutes, 2 national human resource bases, 2 provincial human resourcebases.

Master’s Degreemajors: Pre-clinical Traditional Chinese Medical Combined with WesternMedicine, Clinical Traditional Chinese Medical Combined with Western Medicine,Physiology, Pathological Physiology, Internal Medicine and Surgery.

Undergraduatemajors and directions: Clinical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, OralMedicine, Nursing, Anesthesiology, Medical testing, Material Medicine,Epidemiology, Medical Photography, Chinese Herbs, Neurology, Otolaryngology,and Medical English.



SCMU has 5,000staff, among whom 802 are professors and associate professors, 4 areinternational visiting professors and 1 Yangtze scholar. There are 30professors who enjoy special awards from the government and 571 tutors for thepostgraduate students. There are sufficiently qualified Chinese professorsfluent in English, together with foreign teachers from south Asian countries totake classes for the international students. Visiting scholars from Japan,Germany and the U.S.A. are also invited to give guest lectures.



SCMU has 3affiliated hospitals, which are: The Affiliated Hospital of SCMU, theTraditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of SCMU and the Dental Hospital of SCMU.There is also a nursing school, a Pharmaceutical Factory, 13 non-subordinatinghospitals and 77 teaching hospitals which total 20,000 clinical beds. Amongthem, the Affiliated Hospital of Sichuan Meidical University is a"National Class A-Grade III Hospital", and is one of the biggest andmost advanced hospitals in Southwest China. It has 2,920 staff (495 areprofessors and associate professors) and 60departments with 2200 clinical beds.Every year it accepts 100,000 in patients and 1,100,000 outpatients. Theseparating operation performed on a pair of Siamese twins in 2004 was the firstcase done in Sichuan. Till now, the hospital has carried out four Siamese twinsseparation operation.



In recent 5years, SCMU has obtained more than 400 bureau level scientific researchprojects. Besides, SCMU has acquired110 provincial scientific research projects.9169 dissertations have been published, and 2303 dissertations have beenpublished on Chinese core journals and 350 papers have been collected bySCI, EI and ISTP78academic monographs have been published. Moreover, SCMU has obtained 48national patent authorization and have been awarded 136 Science and TechnologyProgress Award of different levels, among which are 23 awards with provincialor ministerial level, one second-rate award and one third-rate award ofChinese Medical Science and Technology and three first-grade awardsof Provincial Progress of Science and Technology.

SCMU hasestablished international exchange and cooperation relationship with 26universities and institutes in 13countries including Japan, Germany and theU.S.A. The university employs long-term foreign teachers to teach Englishlanguage and medical subjects, and invites short-term visiting scholars to giveguest lectures.