About True China

      In order to promote cultural understanding between the East and the West, GreatChina (GC) International Education launched a new program called True China in 2012. True China is based out of GC’s New York office and there is in-country support in Chengdu. Our professional staff aims to bring college students and graduates to work or study and explore China from all over the world. We have had participants from the US, the UK, Australia and other countries come to China!    

      True China has three main components: 1) Work in China provides teaching and counseling positions for native English speakers that are passionate about education. There are teaching opportunities in AP courses such as Economics, Business, Calculus, English, American Culture and related Math and Science subjects. Teachers can work in public or private schools from kindergarten to senior high school level based on the qualifications and preferences of the teacher. Academic Advisors counsel students that are interested in studying abroad in the US, Canada, the UK or Australia. 2) Study in China provides learning opportunities for international students interested in learning Chinese or studying other subjects at a Chinese university or institution. Study in China offers international students an opportunity to learn Chinese and work towards their selected degree. 3) Explore and Study Tours which provides travel and study opportunities for those interested in studying Mandarin, exploring Chinese culture and traveling through Western China. TC offers a 3 week excursion called the Panda Club. We also customize excursions by length and content for groups.

       Our most successful component is the Work in China program that has brought an abundant amount of Westerns to China to teach English or AP courses or work as an Academic Advisor and counsel high school students. Work in China, Study in China and Explore and Study Tours are expanding rapidly every year. There is more travel now than ever between China and Western countries. We encourage interested participants to email and send us your inquires.