David McClure
Last updated:2015-05-17
Nationality:American Position:English writing teacher

Education Background:

Stonehill College, Easton MA - BA in Psychology/Health Care Administration

Over my past two years in China, I have taught extensively in a variety of settings (training schools, universities, middle and high schools), but my experience at WanDa with Great China has by far been the best.

 First, I have to talk about the cooperation between the Chinese and American staff . Everyone gets along well and we mutually understand and respect each others cultures. The previous leader of our group, Mark Kurban, did a wonderful job of combining the values of the East and West to create a harmonious working environment for us. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, China is notorious for disorganization in the school systems, but Ive been truly impressed with WanDa. The system that the school has in place is very-well organized and has showed practically no change in the six months that Ive been at the school, which is definitely a rarity in China. Our current leader of academic affairs, Hermione Zhang, has done an exceptional job at keeping the system that Mark put in for us. 

 As a teacher, we all know that the students are the most important aspect of the job. The students at WanDa are great. Although they do not have the best English of all the students I have previously taught, the rapport with the students is by far the best I have had in my two years in China. Its a great experience to be with them on every day. Each class a wide variety of students that lets me have a different and challenging experience every day.

 Not only have the students been great, but the supporting staff has made it so much easier for me to get settled in at the school. For the first time in China, I had encountered staff that just in place to help me with any problems that I might have had when I was in China. GreatChina staff member Crystal has been great in helping me seamlessly helping me transition into Chengdu, including picking me up at the airport and helping me a lot with any visa and passport questions that I had. I wish I had this when I first came to China! Anyone who has been in China for a while knows that theres a huge initial culture shock to get over, and having staff like Crystal and her partner Hannah to help me out made my transition to Chengdu incredibly easier.

  For me, a big part of me doesn't want to leave WanDa. I am leaving this semester though because I want to study Mandarin, so Im going to be taking 6 months off, but I plan to come back to WanDa if I have the opportunity again. Welcome to Chengdu and I hope you enjoy your experience at WanDa as much as I did! 

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