Teacher Orientation
Last updated:2015-08-06
In February 2014, we were honored to welcome four new teachers, Jessica from the USA, Paul from Scotland, as well as Joe and Rhys from Australia.

In February 2014, we were very honored to welcome four new teachers,Jessica from the USA,Paul from Scotland,as well asJoe and Rhys from Australia.

On February 13th,True China staff members carried out an orientation to train the new teachers. We were pleased to invited Rochelle,Robert and Mark, who have worked with True China for a period time, to share their teaching experiences and what they have learned since coming to China.

At the start of the training,our president Michael give a brief speech to welcome the new teachers.Then True China staff member Hannah gave a well-prepared presentation to introduce the True China program, our parent company GreatChina International,and the city of Chengdu.Afterwards,Hannah announced that there would be a welcome dinner taking place later that evening.

Later in the training,Rochelle presented pictures of her travels in several places in China, including other parts of Asia.Robert followed by sharing some useful knowledge about dealing with younger Chinese students.In closing,Mark gave a presentation regarding the Chinese education system and provided some other useful information to the incoming teachers. Special thanks for the contributions of the True China staff members and current teachers.The new teachers gained valuable knowledge from this training.We would like to welcome them to GreatChina!

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